Emil Zsoldos

Hungarian Mercenary Leader


Hungarian Mercenary Leader

Emil is a Hungarian from Transylvania. He recruits mercenaries, signs the contracts, leads them into battle, and dispenses the pay.

Example Invoke: Emil negotiates a contract.

Example Compel: Emil needs to find employment for himself and his men.

Knight of the Dragon

Emil is Transylvanian patriot. He is a member of the Order of the Dragon — not the original chivalric order, of course, but the secret society dedicated to opposing the Ottoman Empire that followed it. His efforts as a mercenary leader are not for his own enrichment, but to fill the order’s war chest.

Example Invoke: Emil is an experienced warrior.

Example Compel: Emil must fulfill his duty to the order.

Thrall of Zoltán

Emil is bound to Zoltán Báthory — not by any supernatural, vampiric power, but by duty. He was instructed by the Order to be the vampire’s keeper, and he is dedicated to fulfilling that duty.

Example Invoke: Emil acts in service to Zoltán.

Example Compel: Emil must act to keep Zoltán from being discovered..


Emil Zsoldos

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