Istvan Dobó

Dhampir Ex-Soldier of the Order of the Dragon


Dhampir Ex-Soldier of the Order of the Dragon

For decades Istvan fought up and down the length of Europe on behalf of the Order of the Dragon, using his dhampir strengths as a soldier against Turks, monsters, and anyone else deemed the Order’s enemies. Now he fights for them no longer, but his abilities remain. Applies when fighting or traveling as a soldier would, using unnatural dhampir strength and vitality, or using skills applicable to an elite agent of a secret society.

Example Invoke: Invoke when fighting someone, engaging in a long march, using physical might, or looking for an advantage in a dangerous situation

Example Compel: Compel when Istvan’s bloody past catches up with him, when agents of the Order of the Dragon cause him trouble, and when his unnatural heritage draws the wrong sort of attention or reaction

Bestial Instincts

Istvan must wrestle with the monster inside him, a dark nature that craves blood and demands he roam the darkness as humanity’s nightmare of a predator rather than a man. Applies when using senses and engaged in unrestrained fury.
N.B. Of course real animals don’t act like this, even predators. This is about dangerous vampire instincts.

Example Invoke: Invoke to instinctively see danger coming or to attack with savage, unleashed fury

Example Compel: Compel Istvan to seek out and drink fresh blood, to frighten animals, to act driven by violent instinct rather than reason, or to unnerve, terrify, and evoke hatred from NPCs when face twists to show fangs and the eyes of a beast

I’ve seen some shit

Decades of fighting in the worse hellholes Europe and Asia have to offer have shown Istvan the worst of the world. It has left him scarred in mind and bitter at the savagery of man, though also hardened to the worst of it.

Example Invoke: Invoke when trying to overcome horror, resist social and mental attacks, begin healing mental consequences, or intimidate with his 1000 yard stare

Example Compel: Compel to force a traumatic flashback to another time and place, to make Istvan swear ‘not again, not this time’ to some horror about to unfold, or to overwhelm him with cynicism and bitterness at the folly of man

Rebellious Son of Dracula

Istvan has recently learned that the vampire father he never knew was Dracula himself, manipulating him from afar for decades as the secret master of the Order of the Dragon. Applies when using calling upon his dark heritage or rejecting the evil of his father.
N.B. This aspect and Istvan’s high concept can stack for performing mighty physical feats (+3 to rolls before spending a fate point). As a dhampir who is the son of Dracula himself Istvan is unnaturally strong and fast, but using such abilities will surely draw compels on his Bestial Instincts

Example Invoke: Invoke to oppose the designs of dracula or his agents, to mesmerize the weak willed with his gaze, or to oppose restraint by supernatural forces

Example Compel: Compel Istvan to fight evil to prove himself unlike his father, to bear the weight of his father’s sins, or to be interfered with by those who wish to destroy or control the son of Dracula



Istvan has one fewer character aspect, but his high concept provides a passive +2 bonus to rolls rather than +1.


Istvan Dobó

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