Zoltán Báthory

Vampire Mercenary


Knight of the Dragon

Zoltán Báthory was a Transylvanian knight and a member of the Order of the Dragon — named for his own house, the Báthories, and the legend of how they were founded by a brave dragonslayer. He died at the Battle of Mohács in 1526.

Example Invoke: Zoltán is an experienced warrior.

Example Compel: Zoltán is bound to service to his order.

Thrall of the Impaler

It was upon his death in 1526 that Zoltán discovered the truth about the Order of the Dragon. He arose from his grave as a thrall to the true master of the order — Vlad the Impaler. He had turned himself into a vampire to gain the supernatural power he believed would be necessary to fight the Ottomans. He had controlled the Order ever since, turning its greatest knights into vampires to join him. Like his master, Zoltán found his soul damned, a cost paid to gain the power to save Transylvania — and indeed, all of Christendom — from the threat of the infidels.

Example Invoke: Zoltán turns into mist.

Example Compel: Zoltán must obey Vlad.

Vampire Mercenary

To raise money, the Order signed a contract with the Baron De La Warr to ship Zoltán to the New World, along with a small retinue (Emil Zsoldos, Istvan Dobó, and Tiborc Katona), where he would be unleashed to feed upon the Powhatan Indians, as part of De La Warr’s genocidal campaign to destroy them.

Example Invoke: Zoltán is experienced at using his vampiric powers in combat.

Example Compel: Zoltán must fulfill the terms of the Order’s contract with the Baron De La Warr.


Zoltán Báthory

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